Open data are (public) data electronically available in machine readable format so that they can be directly used for development of various applications.

Open data are data collected by public authorities as part of their jurisdiction and public funds using.

SORS provides only those data that meet the requirements of the Law on Official Statistics and the Law on Personal Data Protection, which fully ensures the protection of personal data.

By opening data sets for the public, SORS wishes to encourage the implementation of the Strategy for the Development of e-Government and other national and international policies.

By opening data sets for the public, SORS wants to encourage the creation of new values and development of a creative economy.

Open data is intended for all users who want to search and use our data sets - IT professionals, researchers, companies, journalists, government authorities, , local governments and citizens.

By using open data, which SORS has made available, it is possible to develop applications, perform data visualization, etc. Open data can be reused for free, provided SORS is specified as the source.

If you have any questions regarding open data, suggestions about opening new data sets or ideas for making applications or data visualization , please contact us via e-mail address

Number of SDG indicators 145
Number of data sets --All goals-- 306

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